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Fishing prospects are excellent throughout the year with prolific runs of both Salmon & Sea Trout entering the river system. The Cappoquin water is some 17 miles upstream of the estuary and is at the uppermost reaches of the tide. The beats fish best in low water conditions when fresh salmon take up residence after every tide while they wait for a rise in water levels following rain to help them travel to their spawning grounds further upstream. The fishery's best months are without question June, July, August and September when summer salmon and grilse enter the system in large numbers, however all months produce salmon catches. All legal methods can be used at Cappoquin, spinning, worm and prawn, and there is also some excellent streamy water for fly-fishing.


The River Blackwater is Ireland's third largest river, draining five mountain ranges. The geology of the catchment comprises of red sandstone, limestone and limestone shale; In the upper reaches the peaty terrain gives the water its distinct dark colour. The Cappoquin area is a haven for an abundance of outstanding wildlife, including 3 families of Otters, Kingfishers, Mink for even the most discerning angler to enjoy as an additional bonus.


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Cappoquin is situated in the picturesque Blackwater Valley where the river makes its 90° southerly turn for the estuary at Youghal. Cappoquin town is located on the main Rosslare -Killarney route (N72) and is only 65 miles from the ferryport at Rosslare and 44 miles from Cork airport.  Cappoquin has a wide variety of accommodation available locally from the standard bed & Breakfast to hotel and a host of rental cottages. Accommodation


 Local Records

The Blackwater holds many species of fish including wild atlantic salmon, sea trout, brown trout, pike, roach, dace, eels, mullet and shad. The river is renowned for its enormous runs of salmon, 8063 being caught by rod and line in the 1998 season. Cappoquin accounted for 235 salmon and 280 sea trout. The heaviest fish in recent years for the Cappoquin water was a huge 26-pounder, taken and landed at the famous Kitchen Hole by Local club member Jim Fitzgerald.  The 2007 season saw large numbers of huge salmon entering the river system with club members taking salmon over twenty pounds

Jim Fitzgerald


At Cappoquin, the waters are tidal and fresh salmon and sea trout are constantly running throughout the season. Salmon Fishing season opens from the 1st of February to the 30th September each year. Cappoquin Salmon and Trout Anglers' Association is one of the few clubs on the river and has 4 miles of double bank salmon fishing (including 7 named salmon poolsoffering excellent fishing prospects) available to members and day ticket  holders. 

Salmon fishing methods include fly, spinning and worm. Shrimp fishing is permitted from the lst June onwards. No single method may be deemed to be the most successful as anglers adapt to conditions. Popular flies are the ally shrimp, shrimp fly, blue charm, hairy mary or stoats tail. For spinning, a yellow belly devon or yellow flying C for coloured water, smaller brown and gold devons, black flying C, silver toby or spun shrimp are successful in clear water..



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