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Fly Fishing ~ Shrimping ~ Spinning ~ Worming

I am asked on a daily basis which methods work best on Cappoquin waters and my answer is always the same! "its very much dependant on a variety of factors, Water Height, Water Temprature, Water Clarity, Time of Year and Personal Preference" However the short answer, the most productive methods are the Shrimp/Prawn, Spinning, the Fly and the Worm (in no particular order....and based on personal preference!)  The following page is designed to show the guest anglers a variety of methods used throughout Cappoquin waters, showing equipment needs and set-ups suited to Cappoquin waters.  

Fly Fishing:

The following are fly patterns that have worked for me to great effect in the past and fly's that I personally use year in year out. fished on intermediate,sinking & floating lines.




Without doubt one of the most effective yet most visually demanding methods to fish for Salmon here in Cappoquin is with the shrimp or prawn, key to success is the quality of the prawn/shrimp and the depth that it is fished! Every angler has a preference on how to fish the shrimp/prawn, personally I like to inject continuous movement into the shrimp or prawn to induce a take, but what works for me may not work for another, so fish with a shrimping technique you have confidence and experience in.

Equipment needed:

Float, float stop, beads, bullet/cone weights, swivel, split shot, treble hook and shrimp pin, single hook, bait elastic.


Fig 1 Floats


Fig 2 beads & Bullet weights


Fig 3 swivel

Fig 4 treble hook & Shrimp Pin


Fig 5 size 1/0 single hook


Fig 6 rig set-up


Fig 7 Mounting the Shrimp



 The most popular and most productive spinner is the Flying Condom/silver bullet fished slow and deep. (dependant on water height and which beat)

Fig 1 Flying Condoms


Fig 2 Silver Bullets


Fig 3 Tobys



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