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If you have any questions regarding or do not understand the state licence in use for the 2012 season, stop by a local tackle shop, police station or post office for local advice and guidance. Alternatively give us a call where one of our members will be more than happy to assist you.


Licence and Permits

LICENCE AND PERMITS: A State Licence is required for salmon and sea trout fishing in Ireland. No licence is required for brown trout or rainbow trout. A range of licences are available, depending on duration, the age of the angler, and the area the angler wishes to fish. For more information please email John Murphy or call direct on 00 535 (0)58 54152

In addition to a state rod licence  to fish Cappoquin Salmon and Trout Anglers' Association waters you are also required to have a valid day ticket/permit. The afore mentioned must be made available for inspection by our water baliffs and both should be purchased prior to fishing (See day Ticket Section)

All anglers are advised the following regulations are manditory and must be observed and adhered to at all times.

Legal Requirements


LEGAL REQUIREMENT: Please note, in the case of salmon and sea trout fishing you are legally obliged to be in possession of your Licence, Logbook and tags or Regional Fisheries Board Fishing Permit when fishing in the managed waters for all species i.e.salmon/ trout/coarse fish/pike etc, always have your appropriate documentation available for inspection by Fishery Board staff. Please keep your salmon licence upon your person at all times as failure to produce may result in an on-the-spot fine (This is a legal requirement and enfoced by Fisheries Officers)

TERMS AND CONDITIONS : The person named on the licence, and no other will be authorised to fish during the period covered. The licence or permit holder is subject to the close seasons and other regulations pertaining in law and permission of the fishery owner. Open seasons vary for all fisheries so it is important that you check prior to purchase that you will be fishing within the season in the case of salmon and trout.

Bag Limit set for 2011 Season

There is an annual angling bag limit of 10 fish per angler for salmon or sea trout

Subject to the maximum annual bag limt of 10 fish an angler may take the following:

  • 1 Salmon or Sea Trout per day up until 31st May. {Maximum of 3 Salmon/Sea Trout for specified period February 2nd - May 11th 2008}
  • 3 Salmon or Sea Trout per day until the end of August
  • 1 Salmon or Sea Trout per day from 1st September - 30th September. (End of Season)



The tag to be used by anglers is a blue or brown plastic self-locking device. Each tag is embossed with a code identifying the region in which the tag was issued, the year in which the tag can be used and a tag number.

Tags issued to the holder of a rod licence may be used in any region in which the licence is valid.

Fishermen should carefully note the following concerning the use of these tags:

  • Each rod licence holder will be issued tags for his/her use only. Tags are not transferable between licence holders
  • These tags shall not be re-used
  • One tag shall be attached to each salmon (any size) and sea trout (over 40 cm) caught and retained
  • Tags must be attached immediately on landing the fish and the log book section completed
  • Tags shall be attached through the gill opening and mouth and securely locked around the gill cover
  • Anglers must not fish for salmon or sea trout if they have no tags in their possession
  • Additional tags shall be issued on presentation of logbook information showing that the licence holder has used the gill tags issued to him or her, subject to bag limits
  • Lost and accidentally destroyed tags may be replaced upon presentation of a signed declaration completed by the angler and signed by an Authorised Officer of a Regional Fisheries Board
  • Gill Tags shall only be removed from the fish at the time of processing in accordance with the Tagging Scheme Regulations. For the purposes of this scheme processing includes: smoking, marinating or cooking the fish, gutting and freezing the fish or cutting any steaks, cutlets or portions of the fish.


On receipt of tags the angler will also receive a logbook. Details of the gill tags issued to an angler will be entered into the angler's logbook by the issuing agent.

Each fisherman shall:

  • Anglers Must have the logbook in his/her possession while fishing for salmon or sea trout
  • Record all details of their catch in their logbook immediately after tagging the fish
  • Make a catch record even if the fish is released
  • Record details of any lost or damaged tags
  • Declare lost or damaged logbooks to the relevant Regional Fisheries Board.


In accordance with the Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Regulations anglers are required by law to return their completed logbook (even if there is no catch recorded) and all unused tags to the issuing Regional Fisheries Board by the 19th October of the relevant year. A business reply envelope is provided for this purpose.



Cappoquin Fishing Permits

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