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Pools, Streams & Beats

When fishing Association waters, anglers are not restricted to any particular beat/swim or pool and anglers are encouraged to fish all our beats, pools, streams, swims.

The following are good areas for Fly fishing and Spinning ;
Canal stream, Feericks, Kennel stream, The Point, Kitchen stream, Couples quay, Bishops stream, The Bleann, Steamers quay. 

Good areas for Worm, Shrimp, Spinning ; The Hut pool, Kitchen hole, Mud hole, Rock pool, Lehanes bank, Walls break, Factory pool.

A tide table is useful as the waters here at Cappoquin are tidal even though we are seventeen miles from the sea. We have now completed our instream engineering, bank protection, 3 new car parks, several new stiles and bridges. The good news is that both salmon and sea trout were taken from the new streams and pools throughout the past season.


Beat Synopsis




Canal stream


 Excellent Fly water, spinning,worm



 Prawn, worm, spinning

Kennel stream


 Excellent Fly water, spinning

The Point


 Prawn, spinning, worm

Kitchen stream


 Excellent Fly water, spinning

Couples quay


Spinning, shrimp and worm water

Bishops stream


 Excellent Fly water, Spinning

The Bleann



Steamers quay


 Prawn, worm, spining

The Hut pool


 Excellent Shrimp, worm, spinner water

Kitchen hole


 Shrimp and worm Highly productive water

Rock pool


 Shrimp, worm, spinning

Lehanes bank


 Prawn, worm, spinning

Walls break


 Spinning, shrimp, worm, fly

Factory pool


 Shrimp, worm, spinning

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