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River Report (Pre-Season 2010)





Conditions for the period April through August 2010 were unusually dry with no rainfall making fishing conditions perfect. The river levels dropped and anglers experienced fantastic sport throughout the season. With relatively very high catch returns 2010 was a record breaking year with 906 salmon landed from 3Ibs to 23Ibs.

August through September were by far the best months of the 2010 season with above average sized fish being taken and many more reported lost at the net. With the ban on drift nets we saw record numbers of salmon enter the river system with much larger 20Ib+ salmon in relative abundance so the prospects for the coming year are excellent.


Sunny Spells





Current Day Forecast  am pm

Weekly Report (July 2010)

Ideal Height for month

0.19m  ( Past 24 hour river height)

Guage Height:

0.54m .  (set to rise further over the coming days with light/persistant rain showers forecast)

River Clarity:

River running slightly coloured. Visability 1-2 feet +

Water Temprature:


Weather Conditions:

Periods of light rain am/pm.


26.7 mm.  

Air Temprature:

deg 13

Weather Forecast for this week:

15 Day Weather Report

Prospects for this week:

Good with increasing numbers of fresh fish running the system every day.

Tidal Chart:


Fishing Advice this week

Fly: Floaters/inters fly sizes 8- 10-12-16 [cascades, silver stoats, ally shrimp, ban special, willie guns, green highlander, foxford shrimp, munroe killer]  

Spinning: 7/10grm flying C black,yellow,red, silver/copper size 3 & 4 blades.

Bait: Shrimp/prawn spun or float, worms.

Fish Taken this season:

  42 (March - April- May - June ) to a limited number of rods

Heaviest Fish taken to date:

 22.5 Ibs

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