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Deflector under construction at the Bishop's Stream -July 1999       

The deflectors have already created better fly water and holding areas

Fishery Development

Cappoquin Salmon and Trout Anglers' Association has commenced work on its long-term development for the river. The fishery will be made more accessible by providing the following:

*85 additional fishing stands and locations [Stage 5 of 8 Completed]

*4 instream deflectors [Completed]

*37 more stiles  [Stage 5 0f 10 Completed]

*Disabled angler access at Cappoquin currently in development [in conjunction with Waterford Council]

*5 new safe parking areas [Completed]

*2 new bank protection areas  [ongoing]

*plus more signage and printed promotional material [stage 2 0f 4 completed]

These are important development projects and will cost in excess of £200,000 to complete. Partial funding has been secured under the EU- sponsored Tourism Angling Measure Programme 
Cappoquin Salmon and Trout Anglers' Association has the immense task of raising the balance. 
At present the Association has a major fund-raising and sponsorship campaign under way. We need your help to carry this significant Community Development through to completion and thus make Cappoquin a leading centre for game and course angling.

This development project is a joint effort managed by: 

* Cappoquin Community Development Company Ltd 
* Cappoquin Salmon and Trout Association 
* The County Enterprise Board
* The Southern Regional Fisheries Board
* Waterford County Council



* The Central Fisheries Board
* The National Parks and Wildlife Service
* South East Tourism 
* Waterford Tourism 

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