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Qualified Salmon and Trout Fishing Tuition ensures enjoyment from the very 'start' and creates a solid foundation on which to build the fundamental skills needed to fish for game fish. Tuition builds an interest in the sport and makes catching fish all the more easier and all the more enjoyable.   Learning the basics will make a huge difference and significantly improve your chances of landing fish. Learn all about the tackle, how to set it up, which casts to use, how to tie useful knots, fly & bait life, the fish themselves, and even basic safety at the waters edge. Learning to fish makes a great break away from it all and is ideal for the individual, couples, family holidays , stag parties and corporate days. Our instructors and guides have a wealth of knowledge and skills to make your day on the water more productive and enjoyable: So Book Now




  • Single Handed Fly Rod
  • Double Handed Fly Rod
  • Single & Double Hauling
  • Overhead Cast
  • Roll Cast
  • Single Spey Cast
  • Double Spey Cast
  • Switch or Accelerated Roll Cast
  • Snake Roll
  • Snap Tee
  • Accuracy Casting
  • Fly Selection
  • Spinning & Bait Casting
  • Float Fishing
  • Free Line Bait Fishing
  • Bait Presentation
  • Tackle Required


See the "New Cast" demonstrated by John. He calls it a "STAR CAST" Much more proficient than the standard "Spey Cast" in every respect. Especially developed for the more elderly Salmon Angler!

JOHN WOODSIDE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE Association of Professional Game Angling Instructors. A.P.G.A.I [IRELAND]

Tuition Fees & Instructors: fishing Guides


Philip Maher

Philip Maher is a member of APGAI, and holds the FFF Masters and THCI which are the highest casting instruction qualifications in the world. He has also passed APGAI, REFFIS and STANIC.

1) John Woodside Snr Club Member & (President APGAI-IRELAND) €50 per hour Professional Instruction & tuition. €90 per day Gillie Telephone 00 353 (0)58 60414 Email: murwood@eircom.net

2) Philip Maher Member and Examiner for the Game Anglers Instructor Association (GAIA)and Advance Professional Game Angling Instructor  (APGAI) €50 per hour Professional Instruction & tuition Telephone: 00353 (0)58 47524  www.fishhunt.ie

3) Glenda Powell





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